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Here it is, the answer to the question nobody asked: Why hasn't somebody made a fanmix for the Tom Cruise/Simon Pegg pairing? Well, wonder no more!

It is called Hockey Night in Canada and Everything After. Because it is based on the fic series I'm currently writing with the same title. Because Simon and Tom went on a hockey date in Vancouver that one time. And because I stole the last part of the title from a Counting Crows album.

I've included some songs from bands that Simon likes. As for Tom, I included a couple of songs that I feel represent him mainly because of Rock of Ages, not because of his actual musical taste. It's kind of impossible to find info about what music that guy listens to. Google has been completely unhelpful, so I stuck with a couple of 90's power ballads a la RoA to represent Tom. For Simon, we have Death Cab, Elbow, and Lemon Jelly. Everything else is pure me.

I may have gone overboard on posting song lyrics here. Some songs had so many good lyrics that I couldn't choose. Also, I ramble a bit in some spots while explaining song significance. Each song title is linked to an uploaded copy that you can preview and/or download individually, so you can pick and choose which songs you want. The link to the zip file containing all songs, plus cover art, is at the bottom. There's also a link to the folder containing the individual songs and the cover art down there. If anything is linked incorrectly, please let me know!


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