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Writing: The stranded-on-a-desert-island STXI fic that came out of nowhere has somehow blossomed into a 20k-and-climbing sort of fic. I'm not even sure what the point of it is, really. I suppose it's kinda Lost-ish. No, I'm positive it's kinda Lost-ish, 'cause they're not sure how they got there and they don't know how to get back and now I need an ending and I'm kind of flailing, trying to figure out how to tie everything together in some kinda meaningful way. Yup. Lost-ish.

In other news: Steven Page married his girlfriend. Congrats, Steve! I hope this marriage goes better than the first one did. They do seem well suited, so I'm optimistic.

LJ: Ugh, people are dumb. When I found out what was really going on with LJ's DDoS attacks, I was like "Oh ... oh, shit, well ... huh ..." I felt seriously small, because what's going on is so much bigger than us. But apparently some people still think this is all about "the Russians" trying to take their porn away. Guys, Russia doesn't care about your porn. They got their own problems. This is not about you.

And is anyone else slightly uncomfortable with people saying stuff like "the Russians" this and "the Russians" that? I know that's where everything's happening, but still ... makes me uncomfortable, man. :/

I realize that most places other than LJ are kinda graveyard-y, but they're only like that because people won't use them. Nobody's suggesting leaving LJ altogether (although, who the heck knows what's gonna happen with this latest attack), but mirror comms, crossposting, keeping that stuff up to date even if no one's viewing it, all would've prevented this complete shut down of LJ fandom. You don't keep your important shizz all in one place! The days of LJ being reliable may very well be done and gone. I am not a "hipster" for partially jumping to DW early on. What I am is a paranoid bastard who doesn't trust anything, least of all technology. I didn't call myself MadEye for nothin'. I realize that organizing fandom can be like herding cats, but if it's important to you, back that shizz up, yo. It's not hard. No, I don't know how reliable DW will be in the future. There's no security on the internet, but at least I tried. You still try, man.

Anyhoo, places to find me that aren't LJ:

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Although I haven't really started using G+ yet. I'm still not sure I need it. :/

Now then. More bitching. About browsers.

Nerd World Problems: Firefox & Chrome Edition )

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