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Feb. 1st, 2014 07:37 pm
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Surprise surprise, I went to a Barenaked Ladies concert last night. It happened here in Mississauga at the Living Arts Centre. I didn't mention it before now because I didn't wanna jinx it. I talked a bit about it here on Tumblr last night when I got in, but I'm only just making a real post about the whole thing. Here's how it went down, including pics:

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So, Fan Expo: it was pretty awesome. It was four days and I went for all four of those days. I'm still recovering. I'm still sore in places for some reason, my feet still hurt a bit and are kinda swollen and my big toes are kinda tingly (that's what cheap, ill-fitting shoes'll do), and I'm still catching up on sleep. But it was all worth it. I had a good time, so this got kinda long.

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So, Grinning Streak by Barenaked Ladies is amazing. I love it so much, a lot more than All in Good Time. AiGT was the result of a lot of unpleasantness (Steve's departure, Ed's mom dying, and then him crashing his plane that one time), and I think you can feel that in the album. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but what BNL is so amazing at is making really deep, dark music that doesn't sound deep and dark on the surface. Some of AiGT was really angry. I think it's an album they needed to make. But I'm glad they're past it now.

In Grinning Streak it feels like they're back to their old selves, but not in a stuck-and-stagnant kind of way. It feels like they're progressing while keeping what makes them great. It sounds upbeat on the surface; I can't think of a song that sounds like Ed wants to punch a wall or anything. My faves so far are "Limits", "Off His Head", "Odds Are", "Give it Back to You" and "Did I Say That Out Loud".

"Smile" is a great clap-along. "Crawl" totally reminds me of Don Henley, like, so hard it's not even funny. "Did I Say That Out Loud" has a great "oh-whoa-oh-oh-whoa-oh-oh" part that is wonderfully reminiscent of New Kids on the Block. "Give it Back to You" is the bittersweet ballad. "Keepin' it Real" is as close to angry as the album gets and it's got kind of a stompin' bluesy thing going on. "Gonna Walk" is just clappy feel-goodness. "Boomerang", "Odds Are" and "Best Damn Friend" are just pure BNL. "Off His Head" has a sound I really love that I can't ever really describe properly, idk.

Ed sings lead on all the main tracks except one, "Daydreamin'", which is Kevin's (and it's so Kevin. It has that dreamlike, multi-layered quality that he does so well. It actually kind of reminds me of "Here Come the Geese" from Snacktime, but more electronic-y). There are three bonus tracks (which are not included in the tracks the band so kindly uploaded to Youtube). Ed sings lead on two of them, and Jim takes the other one. While listening to the album, I was wondering where Jim's contribution was. His song on AiGT, "I Saw It", is one of my faves from that album. But then he turned up in a bonus track. I admit, I'm not that crazy about the bonus tracks, so that's a bit disappointing. Actually, no, I do really like "The Fog of Writing", which Ed sings. It feels very much like classic BNL to me. I can almost hear Steve's voice in it.

I threw all the tracks that are on Youtube into a playlist here.

I love this album so much. As much as it still pains me to see the four of them on the cover of the album sans Steve, it's an album that maybe heals the wound a little because they sound like they're in a much better place.

Here's "Limits" which is totally being added to my jogging playlist:

"Odds Are":

"Did I Say That Out Loud":


Jan. 30th, 2013 05:36 pm
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If you could spare a couple of bucks and/or some time for some last-minute pimping, [ profile] pumpkinqueen144 has an Indiegogo campaign going on right now to raise money to publish her book, Dragon Whisperer. There's just over a day left to go on the campaign as I type this (it ends at the end of January). I should've pimped it here before now, but I was busy pimping it other places, and LJ/DW just didn't even occur to me because I'm hardly here anymore.

Please check out the Indiegogo Campaign Page for Dragon Whisperer. There are different perks you can get for making a contribution, and if you can't contribute, please consider sharing the campaign on Twitter or Tumblr or GPlus or liking the Facebook page, etc.

Dragon Whisperer Campaign Page @
Book Excerpt #1
Book Excerpt #2
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Here it is, the answer to the question nobody asked: Why hasn't somebody made a fanmix for the Tom Cruise/Simon Pegg pairing? Well, wonder no more!

It is called Hockey Night in Canada and Everything After. Because it is based on the fic series I'm currently writing with the same title. Because Simon and Tom went on a hockey date in Vancouver that one time. And because I stole the last part of the title from a Counting Crows album.

I've included some songs from bands that Simon likes. As for Tom, I included a couple of songs that I feel represent him mainly because of Rock of Ages, not because of his actual musical taste. It's kind of impossible to find info about what music that guy listens to. Google has been completely unhelpful, so I stuck with a couple of 90's power ballads a la RoA to represent Tom. For Simon, we have Death Cab, Elbow, and Lemon Jelly. Everything else is pure me.

I may have gone overboard on posting song lyrics here. Some songs had so many good lyrics that I couldn't choose. Also, I ramble a bit in some spots while explaining song significance. Each song title is linked to an uploaded copy that you can preview and/or download individually, so you can pick and choose which songs you want. The link to the zip file containing all songs, plus cover art, is at the bottom. There's also a link to the folder containing the individual songs and the cover art down there. If anything is linked incorrectly, please let me know!


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Thanks, [ profile] a_carnal_mink, for the heads up. Reposted from her journal:

Originally posted by [ profile] gabrielleabelle at Mississippi Personhood Amendment
Okay, so I don't usually do this, but this is an issue near and dear to me and this is getting very little no attention in the mainstream media.

Mississippi is voting on November 8th on whether to pass Amendment 26, the "Personhood Amendment". This amendment would grant fertilized eggs and fetuses personhood status.

Putting aside the contentious issue of abortion, this would effectively outlaw birth control and criminalize women who have miscarriages. This is not a good thing.

Jackson Women's Health Organization is the only place women can get abortions in the entire state, and they are trying to launch a grassroots movement against this amendment. This doesn't just apply to Mississippi, though, as Personhood USA, the group that introduced this amendment, is trying to introduce identical amendments in all 50 states.

What's more, in Mississippi, this amendment is expected to pass. It even has Mississippi Democrats, including the Attorney General, Jim Hood, backing it.

The reason I'm posting this here is because I made a meager donation to the Jackson Women's Health Organization this morning, and I received a personal email back hours later - on a Sunday - thanking me and noting that I'm one of the first "outside" people to contribute.

So if you sometimes pass on political action because you figure that enough other people will do something to make a difference, make an exception on this one. My RSS reader is near silent on this amendment. I only found out about it through a feminist blog. The mainstream media is not reporting on it.

If there is ever a time to donate or send a letter in protest, this would be it.

What to do?

- Read up on it. Wake Up, Mississippi is the home of the grassroots effort to fight this amendment. Daily Kos also has a thorough story on it.

- If you can afford it, you can donate at the site's link.

- You can contact the Democratic National Committee to see why more of our representatives aren't speaking out against this.

- Like this Facebook page to help spread awareness.

Feel free to repost. The handy LJ repost button thingy don't work over here. :)
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Writing: The stranded-on-a-desert-island STXI fic that came out of nowhere has somehow blossomed into a 20k-and-climbing sort of fic. I'm not even sure what the point of it is, really. I suppose it's kinda Lost-ish. No, I'm positive it's kinda Lost-ish, 'cause they're not sure how they got there and they don't know how to get back and now I need an ending and I'm kind of flailing, trying to figure out how to tie everything together in some kinda meaningful way. Yup. Lost-ish.

In other news: Steven Page married his girlfriend. Congrats, Steve! I hope this marriage goes better than the first one did. They do seem well suited, so I'm optimistic.

LJ: Ugh, people are dumb. When I found out what was really going on with LJ's DDoS attacks, I was like "Oh ... oh, shit, well ... huh ..." I felt seriously small, because what's going on is so much bigger than us. But apparently some people still think this is all about "the Russians" trying to take their porn away. Guys, Russia doesn't care about your porn. They got their own problems. This is not about you.

And is anyone else slightly uncomfortable with people saying stuff like "the Russians" this and "the Russians" that? I know that's where everything's happening, but still ... makes me uncomfortable, man. :/

I realize that most places other than LJ are kinda graveyard-y, but they're only like that because people won't use them. Nobody's suggesting leaving LJ altogether (although, who the heck knows what's gonna happen with this latest attack), but mirror comms, crossposting, keeping that stuff up to date even if no one's viewing it, all would've prevented this complete shut down of LJ fandom. You don't keep your important shizz all in one place! The days of LJ being reliable may very well be done and gone. I am not a "hipster" for partially jumping to DW early on. What I am is a paranoid bastard who doesn't trust anything, least of all technology. I didn't call myself MadEye for nothin'. I realize that organizing fandom can be like herding cats, but if it's important to you, back that shizz up, yo. It's not hard. No, I don't know how reliable DW will be in the future. There's no security on the internet, but at least I tried. You still try, man.

Anyhoo, places to find me that aren't LJ:

[personal profile] [personal profile] favicon

Although I haven't really started using G+ yet. I'm still not sure I need it. :/

Now then. More bitching. About browsers.

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That's all
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Important things are afoot!

Originally posted by [ profile] r_grayjoy

Found via [ profile] venturous1:

There's a radio station in Alberta, Canada that's currently running a contest called "The Breast Summer Ever" in which the winner receives a boob job. Yeah, exactly. You may all take a moment to roll your eyes and/or gag.

Now that that's out of your system, listen to this: One of the finalists is a transwoman named Avery. She has no health care options that cover transgender issues where she lives and has to pay out of pocket, so winning this contest would help her out tremendously. Winners are decided by popular vote, so if you like, you can go here and vote for her. I don't know whether or not multiple votes count...?

So, maybe we can make something awesome happen here, yeah? :)

That's all. I'll try to update about my own adventures soon. As soon as I actually have some adventures. :S
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I know who my team is for the Ship Olympics! :D Teams will be announced on Tuesday, but being a captain from last year, I have access to almost everything the admirals are doing, so I had a peek at the Google Doc with the teams on it. I know exactly who I've got and what the actual team will be. I've started making graphics and things - header, userinfo banner and default icon for my team comm, and team icons - and I have to say I really, really like them. Thank you to the people who actually made the Starfleet/Olympics logo thing and the textures and whatnot, 'cause I was so lost without that stuff. ♥ Now the graphics are peeerrrrrrtyyyy.

I. Am. Excited. X-)

But anyhoo ...

Fringe 3x15 - Subject 13 (this got really long for some reason) )
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Now that I have your attention, how many of you would be interested in a Fringe kink meme? I haven't read much Fringe fic lately, but last time I checked, this fandom was pretty kink-proof, and while I'm not exactly helping with my complete lack of Fringe plot bunnies, the fact is I find the lack of kink in this fandom really sad. Apparently there is, or was, a Fringe kink meme comm someplace that has since died? I wish I could say I was shocked.

Anyway, [ profile] nuzzledhisface has started something along those lines here. I suggested making an actual comm for it, but if interest is just gonna dwindle again anyway, maybe not? I dunno. It'd probably be easier to find if it was its own comm. Well, it's there if you wanna play or pimp it out, but I'd love to hear more opinions about the entire subject. Do we need another comm? Would people participate? Even the most active kink memes have way more prompts than actual fills, so if this fandom is low on kinky fic as it is, maybe a comm would be overkill, I don't know. Come on, let's discuss! This entry is public, so please send your Fringie friends over here to give their opinions. Or, hell, point me in the direction of wherever this has been discussed already, 'cause I wanna see!

As you were.